Destiny Meets Purpose

a journey from the Ivory Coast and back again

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At first, Ghislain Dadie’s story appears to be the classic American Dream. Or is it? His memoir, Destiny Meets Purpose, provides an inspirational answer. Ghislain’s story is filled with coincidences, serendipity, messages from God and a clear destiny that brought him from his native village of Divo in Africa’s Ivory Coast and back again. His journey took and continues to take different roads along the way. There have been a few detours, maybe a roadblock or two, but many clear paths.

At five-years-old Ghislain’s parents told him he was going to be a priest. No question, no argument, that was the destiny his parents assigned to him. In Destiny Meets Purpose, he shares his early years training to be a priest and describes his father’s disappointment when the Church recommends another future for the outstanding science and math student. It is one of the many examples of divine intervention that fueled his American dream – and beyond.

Readers will be inspired by G’s ability to listen when he hears destiny calling, to take action with determination and to remember God has a purpose for every one of his children.

Destiny Meets Purpose is both a memoir and inspirational message focusing on the life of Ivory Coast, African native Ghislain Dadie, his global mission to provide an educational foundation with opportunities for all individuals, the founding of ProSeed Foundation, and the organization’s on-going work. His personal success story is an inspiration to the world’s children as well as a call to action for others to support the dreams of today’s young people.

Those who search for destiny and purpose and those who are struggle to hear God’s word will find guidance in examples from his life. Skeptics who argue against divine intervention will be persuaded to think differently when they hear his story.

The book also includes a section with question for reflection to help others find their own destiny and purpose.