Africa Mission “Buy A $5 Brick, Build A School”

On September 2017 ProSeed travelled to a remote village call Dibykro in the Ivory Coast West Africa and provided a soccer field for an elementary school, rewarded the top students of the school by providing them with school supplies. We also secured the contract and approved the plan to begin construction of a new building that will house 200+ students and increase the current school capacity by 75%.

ProSeed also partnered with Les Amis De La Vie a local nonprofit in the Ivory Coast and provided medical screenings (diabetes, eye exams, dental exams, etc.) to all the children and people of Dibykro Village. The medical screenings impacted over 500 children and adults!

On September 2018, we built a 3 classroom Elementary School in Dibykro Village, Ivory Coast and built a soccer field. We want to thank all of our donors and partners that made this possible. We were able to impact 300+ village children this year and looking forward to have a greater impact.

 In September 2019, we built an Elementary school in M’brimbo Village Ivory Coast. 

In September 2020, we plan to complete construction of 2 schools in separate villages of BADI and Gbobokro Village of Ivory Coast.  

We are currently looking for partners to provide solar panels to provide electricity for the new school and allow the kids to study during the night. 

We utilize local vendors and talent in support of the local economy. We will accomplish this mission with the help of our amazing donors and project team! We are creating an environment that is conducive for learning, to shape the future leaders of the world! Buy a brick for $5 and build a school in Ivory Coast West Africa! With your contribution of 21 bricks or more your NAME will forever be ENGRAVED in the school! We need 10,000 bricks to accomplish this great Mission!


We appreciate your support and partnership in changing the lives of people all over the world!


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